A Bed That Is More Safety Than The Ladder: Bunk Beds With Stairs

Any house no matter how big or small it does have a bed. However, for kids, there are now we called bunk beds. It is used by many parents for their kids to maximize space and still be enjoyed by their kids. Over the past years, the ladder is used to get to the top bunk. But, today, ladders are not commonly used anymore.

Stairs or Ladders

There are now bunk beds with stairs. Unlike the ladder, stairs give a safety feature but also gives fun in going to the top.  Kids would always want to be on top because they get that feeling of freedom from the floor and a sense of independence, with these stairs, anyone can be assured that they will be safe. On the other hand, since the stairs are usually built at the end of the bunk bed, more space is needed for it to be accommodated. So, to make sure that the bed would surely fit, these are the things to be considered:

  • Know first on where to put the bed
  • Measure the length of it including the stairs
  • Add twenty-four inches on the top for drawers

In planning the space where the bed would be placed, consider also the drawer. Make sure that the drawer can still be open and close. Remember also that the stairs are not reversible, meaning it would be impossible to put it at the other end of the bed. Stairs may always consume bigger space thanthe ladder but stairs would always give a peace of mind when it comes to the kids.

These tips may be few, but it’s still best to consider all of it. Always make a plan first before deciding to buy the bunk bed that will best suit the kid’s needs.